I want a tattoo so bad. I fel like I only get really upset about not having the ones I want done, when im pregnant because no matter what I cant get them.

In other news the first sonogram is tomorrow and I want to wait to find out the sex until birth, so heres to hoping they don’t accidentally tell me and that I can keep the will power up to wait lol.






oh my god

i legitimately stared at this and went ‘what it looks fine’ and then it hit me. and i threw myself out the window. and then reblogged it.

oh my gosh this physically hurts me

"Millions of damage"

i cried

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Reblog if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

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Man I moved last week and it’s already Wednesday and the house still isn’t put together! Ronan however has been easing up about his clingy-ness fortunately and since Alice got a real spanking she has been behaving a lot better so hopefully I can finally finish all of this laundry and get the furniture put where it all needs to go.

If I could, I would be a villain.
Because fuck people.

It’s so early, but he sure is happy.



Im not sure Disney understands this concept very well

i’m dying

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Eternal Sunshine kind of day.
And unpacking and laundry and organizing and cleaning. Yuck.

He took my pizza out of my hands

I’m laying on the floor against the bed and he’s asleep on my chest. How do I get up? I’ve made a grave mistake 💀😵😣

Doing laundry tonight.
Working then packing tomorrow.
An interview Wednesday morning then moving (if I can find someone with a dang truck).
Working Thursday a few hours then more moving, organizing and cleaning.
Then Friday and Saturday I work all day. Bugh.

Another MOM was watching my fucking kid and he crawled out of his car seat and got a swollen lip and his eyebrow is red and swollen.
I am still fucking pissed, how fucking mentally retarded do you have to be to even leave a kid alone for even the shortest amount of time in something not buckled in? He was crying and would not let me go when I got back for like 10 minutes I started crying because he was so upset.
How do idiots like this have kids? He’s a fucking baby, DUH HE WILL CRAWL OUT AND ROLL AROUND AND SHIT. Fucking Christ.
Luckily he is okay, no vomiting or dizziness or extreme fatigue. He is taking a nap but I was able to wake him up twice and his breathing is normal.


My favorite shirt I’ve gotten him this far