This cutie was so good while I was at school! Ignore the bbq sauce he wiped on me during dinner lol

1st day of class! 3 hours, I should have brought food.

Awhh, cousins being sweet <3


Sunset layers.

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Since we might be moving out soon I don’t even want to bother with cleaning/rearranging things.

I’m really about to pay someone 30 bucks to deep clean my kitchen though ^.^

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I’ve reached the part in my pregnancy where I feel fat and ugly no matter what I do/wear.
Nothing fits me, and if it does I still think I look like crap.
Even if I have time to do my makeup I look in the mirror like ‘YOU STILL LOOK LIKE SHIT OMG WHY EVEN BOTHER?!?’.
I still have like 5 more weeks to go D:
I cant wait until like, Halloween time. I should be back down to my normal size and healed enough to not feel like a disgusting pig, and I should be down with some sort of schedule.

I will definitely be treating myself to some shopping once that day comes, and for that I am super excited for using my moby wrap for Lindon ^.^

(Btw I know I’m not fat, even pregnant, or hideously terrifying in the face, its just a pregnancy emotions thing)

Didn’t fall asleep until 1am, woke up at 6 and a daycare kid showed at 7:30 and will be here for about 12 hours 0.0 then I have another kid this evening, but I think if I can get ronan back to sleep befofe it gets too latr in the day I will be able to get some cleaning and laundry done, I need to sell a bunch of clothes none of us fit in anymore.

I also can’t wait until lindon is here so I can get some shopping for myself done.

Lindon is just kind of gently wiggling around in my belly, its weird. I think hes starting to get really cramped now, we still got around 5 weeks bud!


i hope flip phones make a comeback in 2015 

I have one, guess for once I would be ahead of the trend haha

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So delicious


Fed up with abusive husbands and corrupt officials, India’s poorest women are banding together, taking up arms, and fighting back. Even more shocking than the pink saris they wear: Their quest for justice is actually working.

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I love palm trees. The first time I saw them I made my friend get off of the highway so I could touch it ^.^

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