I had a nervous breakdown this morning.
Long story but my keys got lost the one day I really needed them so some of my classes got messed up and I had to drop one and add something else and might have to drop another.
Then it was worse once I realized how bad I messed the house up frantically looking for the keys after I spent 2 days cleaning everything.

Everything is just a mess and pregnancy emotions just amplify that.

Fell asleep sittimg up because I was rubbing his leg lol

If being popular relied on your ability to vocalize every classic rock guitar solo and know left eyes rap verse in waterfalls I would be the coolest lady around.

Just being a creep

Trying on her outfit for pictures tomorrow, stupid instagram cut off her leggings they have silver sequins on the bottom :)

So tired and its not even noon yet!

Donut coma

My day is starting an hour early because my son decided 5:15 was a good time to wake up lol, he is clapping and watching Daniel tiger so at least he is in a good mood!

Hey mom, I know it’s 5:30 and all but I really need to use your phone, thanks.

I can not stay with someone who tells me my mentall illness is not real.
That is EMOTIONAL ABUSE to fucking sit there and tell an extremely depressed person that they are just weak and they can get better because it is easy to just be happy.

How does someone change so much, but in all of the worst ways possible, I will never understand it.

Brought Lindons rock n play home and ronan HAD to check it out, fell asleep instantly. Might have to get two of thwse things >. <

Excuse me while I climb all over your homework mom.

This cutie was so good while I was at school! Ignore the bbq sauce he wiped on me during dinner lol